The Challenge Circuit

Made in Le Mans , HARDWARE , SOFTWARE support for all French-speaking New Mobility and Clean Tech startups.



For 6 months, immerse yourself in a unique cradle of innovation in mobility and benefit from its internationally recognized experimental laboratory “LE MANS”.

Technical testing platform

Take full advantage of the experience, with occasional access to secure test tracks around the famous BUGATTI circuit for technical driving and to validate your hypotheses and prototypes.

From concept
to industrialization

Develop your project from concept to industrialization, and build your technical and professional networks at the pace of the Challenge.

Industrial hosting solutions are available to support your transition from POC to pre-production.

Tour rhythm: 2 days a month in Le Mans, alternating workshops, mentoring, networking and events.

Want to run part of your entrepreneurial adventure on 0, 1, 2 3 , 4 , 5, 6 wheels in Le Mans?

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Until March 6 to apply for Batch 4

Pathway to support Startups in the sector of all new mobilities and Clean Tech.


Applications (in 15 min)

To apply, simply complete the questionnaire below and send a presentation by e-mail to validate your application. The challenge is open to all French-speaking entrepreneurs and startups in the new mobility sector, whatever your stage of development. You’ll have until 12:00 on March 6, 2024 to become one of the 2024 winners.


Validation of pre-selected candidates

Your answers to the form and your presentation by e-mail (required to validate your application) are analyzed as we go along.

You will be notified on the evening of 08.03 if you have been selected to pitch to the final jury on 12.02 . Mark your calendars 😊


Pitch and validation of winners

In video, you have 10 minutes to pitch and 5 minutes of questions/answers to convince the jury to select you as one of the 2024 winners.

The Jury


Marc Evenisse

CEO Furion Motorcycles


Alain Bureau

Entrepreneur Investor and ACO Director


Matthieu Legac

CEO Start-Up Palace

patricia Charton

Patricia Charton

VP Le Mans Tech & Le Mans Métropole

Robert Dumortier

Robert Dumortier

Head of Innovation, Partnerships and Customer Experience SNCF

Franck ST

Franck Gendrot

R&D manager ST Microelectronics

Benoit Wadel

Benoit Wadel


Magali Alix Toupe


Militine Martin

Militine Martin

GRDF Territorial Manager

Events of the year

The X-Mobility Challenge course will be structured around 3 key moments that will punctuate the 6 months of support for the entrepreneurs.

Networking Salon Autonomy

March 20-21

A pioneering trade show dedicated to new mobility solutions, Autonomy Paris has rapidly established itself as the world’s leading annual event.

24h du Mans Networking, Motorcycle, Car, Bike, Truck

April 18-21 Motorcycle, June 15-16 Car, August 24-25 Bicycle, September 28-29 Truck

Showcase your prototypes and welcome your prospects, investors and partners to the heart of the bustling city (motorcycles in April, cars in June, trucks in September). Participation according to relevance and objectives.

XMobility Event

October 02 and 3

Alongside renowned speakers, promote your concept, meet investors and boost your profile among sustainable mobility players.

Comprehensive support

Fill up on entrepreneurial and technical resources along the way alongside our experts, and get back on track.

Need a pit stop to develop your project?

Collective Workshops

Workshops in Le Mans to work on and refine your business model, guide you through MVP production, pre-production industrialization and learn the delicate art of pitching.

Individual coaching

Every month, talk to the Startup Manager coach to measure your progress and plan future actions.

Mentoring and Networking

At your own pace, you can exchange ideas with your consultant to get an outside view of your progress/your bottlenecks.

Half-yearly Board

A time for reflection and exchange with members of Le Mans Tech every two months.

Customized networking

Invitation to all LE MANS TECH events to network with entrepreneurs, members and partners of the ecosystem. The opportunity to develop your project from concept to industrialization, and to expand your technical and professional network.


The opportunity to develop your project from concept to industrialization, and to expand your technical and professional network.

Zoom Collective Workshops

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